My First Crystal Haul

I recently bought my first batch of crystals from one of our friends and I’m super happy with my purchase.

We consulted for best crystals to purchase based on our birth month and zodiac sign. I am born in the month of June and a Gemini while my husband was born in October under the sign of Scorpio. I was recommended to purchase moonstone, amethyst, citrine, clear quartz and tiger eye.

During our selection I added a few more in our first collection, because they “called” me.

Bought this really nice apophyllite crystal display that looks like a frog and a flat palm size gold sheen obsidian. We got some free tumbles of clear quartz, hematite and zoisite too.

But the highlight of them all is our gigantic towers of obsidian and clear quartz.

All these photos are from our seller and we haven’t unbox them yet since we are still preparing for place here in our room. We can’t wait to unbox them all.

We intentionally purchase them to serve as our anchor of positivity and good energy. Can also serve as the best crystals for anxiety and protection crystals too.

I’ll be documenting the meaning, benefits and representation of each crystals we purchased on my next post.

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